Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lost "Across the Sea"


What is there to say about “Lost”? Well, I’m a little “lost.”

I’m on the fence on whether or not I liked last night’s episode of Lost, because I wanted so many more answers that I never really got. One thing we found out from “Across the Sea” is that the “Adam and Eve” in the cave was the MIB and his crazy adoptive mother and Jacob put them there.

It’s cool to know, but I had an awesome theory that maybe it was Rose and Bernard, since they were all time traveling and what not, but that was a theory from like two seasons ago, so I can accept that I was wrong, mostly because there was no way to ever guess their true identities.

The episode opened up with a line that said “Every question will lead to another question.” It was like the writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse just wanted to mess with our minds and put it in there as a reassurance that we’re not going to be satisfied. But to be fair, even if they answered every single question, people would still be upset and they wouldn’t accept it all. I heard a lot of people angry about the “Whispers” in the jungle really being dead people. Not everyone is going to be happy. I think maybe that’s an impossible task for Damon and Carlton since the fans have such high expectations.

But I’m on the fence about the episode because I didn’t feel like a lot happened, at least not enough to progress the story line. We got a back story episode about the most mysterious people on the island and we’re still probably going to get way more information from the present. We can only hope that we do! We don’t have a choice.

But now we know that there’s a light on the island that’s perhaps the good of humanity and that’s what Jacob had to protect and now one of the candidates (which I hope is Jack) has to do it instead.

But is smokie now the light transformed into darkness and there is no more light? Is it possible for smokie to be light again? John told Jack that when he had a face off with smokie that he saw a beautiful light. Now we know he was born of the light? Perhaps fake Locke can’t leave the island because the source can’t leave the island because it would go out and then all the light would go out.

But if this is true, then how is the sideways universe functioning?

Why did Ben Linus think that smokie was a judge? How does his relationship with people on the island evolve? It’s clear that he does judge people, like Mr. Eko. It appears that he kills who he doesn’t need and who he knows is no longer a candidate. Smokie is a lot of things to a lot of different people and I didn’t get the feeling that he was THE bad guy until this season. What was his relationship like?

And how much of smokie is really MIB? Certainly his ambition about getting off the island is included and smokie can’t kill Jacob or his candidates, so there’s still a connection. Evil Locke also told Kate that his mother was crazy, which was true for original Locke and MIB. But smokie seems to take characteristics from those he takes period since he yelled John’s famous “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”

Something I found misleading though was the fact that MIB/Jacob’s brother (before smokie was born) didn’t seem all that bad. His mother was a psycho and Jacob could get nuts when he got angry and saw that his brother wanted to leave. I already suspected that Jacob was a little nuts after he beat Richard so well on their first encounter. So in the previous episode, Carlton and Damon admitted to killing Sun and Jin to prove that fake Locke was surely evil. Now we have this episode that suggests that he was severely misunderstood. I can still accept that fake Locke is evil, but I’m not sure about this whole Jacob business.

Jacob is interesting because he observes people from a distance and doesn’t really know them. He’s seems afraid to interact with them. That’s probably why he never got involved with the people on the island before Richard and that he wanted Richard to delegate for him. But since he doesn’t know people face to face, he thinks they’re good. His twin brother, MIB, lived with people and know that they’re corrupt and evil. So if Jacob really got to know humanity, would he feel so strongly about protecting them or is he simply honor bound by his mother?

I strongly feel that Jack has to be the new Jacob, because I don’t know who else is nuts enough to ruin people’s lives and pester them to get them to the island. Certainly Locke could have, but he’s dead.

I’m not sure if I enjoyed this episode. Well...I didn’t really enjoy it. I’m not sure if it’s good or not, because for the first time I feel really confused because of all the loopholes and the situation involving smokie and MIB that I kind of want to stop speculation and just wait until they tell me what I need to know.

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