Monday, February 14, 2011

"Learn to Fly" Lyrics Explained

I wrote a song a while ago about Clark and Lois, but it’s really a lot about Clark and Lana too. I just now made it public. It’s a vague enough song that it could apply to a lot of people, but I thought it would be best if I explained my lyrics in more detail. Keep in mind that I was once a Clana supporter. I really was.

First Verse:
“I watched you from afar and I loved you without one word spoken. I gave you all of me.
You were my angel, but I didn't know you'd fallen from grace. But I was too blind to see our perfect love was all just a fantasy.”

Clark did admire Lana from afar and he really loved her without ever having a close and personal relationship with her. He would watch her from his telescope and he dreamed that he was hovering over her and watching her. He was even floating! Lana was a sweet and nice girl once he got to know her, but she changed as the seasons progressed. She was possessed by a witch, turned into a vampire and tried to turn Clark, killed a couple of people along the way, was addicted to drugs at one point, lied to a lot of people, manipulated a lot of people, joined up with Lex, married him, kidnaped Lionel, faked her death, framed Lex for her murder, and then tried to kill him. It’s clear that the sweet girl she once was got lost somewhere.

“How can I learn to fly when you're holding me down? How can I learn to run when I can't catch my breath? Thought that I was strong, but you're crippling me. How can I save a life when you're not saving me?”

Someone told me that they disagreed with me and said that Lana didn’t hinder Clark and even brought up him floating in the very first season. I don’t think she purposely ever tried to hinder him. As I remember past seasons, I recall a lot of Lana moping, especially when she was with Lex. Clark didn’t really move on to being “The Blur” until after Lana had gone. Even Lana questioned in season seven if she was worthy of Clark or if she was holding him back. She had more foresight on the situation than Clark did.

And then Smallville IS NOT the only means I know Lana Lang by. I know her from comic books as well. Even in “Lois & Clark” in the alternate dimension, Clark was with Lana and he hadn’t become Superman. As Mrs. Kent told Lois in “Beacon”, she inspires him. He did truly love Lana and I really enjoyed them for a time, but Lois is the one who truly pushes him forward into being a hero. I think with Lana, he was still clinging onto that desire of normalcy. With Lois, he can be Superman.

Second Verse:
“We had our golden years, but you were poison killing me slowly, cuz I held on too tight. I was choking all I had left of you. Still I was too blind to see our innocense lived only in memories.”

These lyrics were very literal. Lana literally became kryptonite, so she was posion. I remember the scene when she was about to leave and he kept stepping closer to her and he was sick and he kissed her, even though she was hurting him and she was crying. She had to be the one to walk away. He couldn’t let her go.

They had some great, sweet years together in the beginning (golden years). But in “Power” Clark told Lana that he realized that she had changed, but he had to accept that it was his fault because of the lies he had to tell over the years. Lana didn’t think that was right and I agree with her, but for someone who can see miles and miles away he sure had narrow vision when it came to Lana.

The course repeats

“Everything has a time. Everything has a season. Everything has a place. God does it all for a reason, you see. (Yeah.) I've lived and I have learned. The world keeps on turning. Sun rises and falls. Heart aches but it's still beating. Can you read between the lines? I think it's time to find...”

I believe that there’s a purpose and a reason for everything in this world. Clark had his time with Lana, now it’s his time for someone else. Even the writers said that when Clark and Lois went into their relationship they would be able to handle some bumps more maturely than what they might have been able to in the past. You learn from your past. Even Lois was really careful with Clark because he was the one that she “wanted to get it right with.”

When Lana left in season 7, he was pretty heart broken for a while. I remember it was near the end of one episode though that he looked at a picture of her in his wallet, smiled, then put it in the photo album. It showed he was beginning to move on. It hearts when someone breaks your heart, but you move on. In season 8 after Lana left and Lois came back, things progressed super fast for the couple. He’s always going to have a special place in his heart for Lana, but it’s time to move on and he has.

Second Course:
“Someone to help me fly, by lifting me up. Someone to help me run, by giving me breath. I know that I am strong, cuz you're giving me strength. I can save a life, cuz you saved me.”

As Smallville begins to close out, Lois is really making it known that she wants to help Clark and she does. She’s there for him and she does inspire him. And remember, Smallville IS NOT my only introduction to Lois. I knew her from comic books long before, and I know how much impact she really has on Superman’s life. Lois saying “I believe in you,” is enough to save the universe and that is absolutely no exaggeration. In “Lazarus”, Lois did literally save Clark’s life by pulling that dagger out of his chest so he could heal, so that’s a literal lyric too. It’s more than that though. They both have made each other better people.

“As time goes on we'll see we were always destiny.”

Clark has been to the future and it’s awesome. Plus they’ve been together since the 1930's. You can’t beat those numbers. They’re a power couple, here to stay.

Super Powers. Guess what? They're Cool!

If you don’t watch “No Ordinary Family,” you’ve absolutely got to. It’s sort of like a live action Incredibles, which is cool because I was always a little sad that Pixar never did anything else with that film.

I don’t want to spoil too much about this show, so I’ll get to the point of why I think it’s so awesome. Honestly, it’s probably the best live action super hero show that I’ve seen on TV.

“Smallville” and “Heroes” had a very common theme that I found annoying. They had whinny characters that wanted to so desperately be “normal”.

On Heroes, Claire Bennet was the one who complained about being a freak. Now the only thing wrong with her by appearance is that she’s short, at least compared to my height. She’s a beautiful girl, is not cruel to this child. Then she finds out that she can heal and suddenly she’s a freak. She continuously tries to commit suicide over and over again. If you want to be “normal” you don’t jump out of windows and cut yourself in front of your mother’s boyfriend so he watch you heal and faint. It was so emo and so unnecessary. There were other characters on the show who were radioactive and accidently killed their families or turned into bug people. Shut up, girl! You’re gonna stay young and beautiful forever? Boo hoo! I can understand being sad about having to watch your loved ones die, but you’re not even old enough to drink! What concept of time can you really have yet? It’s stupid. Absolutely ridiculous.

Then there’s Smallville. Clark Kent has had a ten year journey of “I’m a freak, I want to be normal.” He’s not as annoying as Claire. At least he actually does useful things with his abilities. I understand that Clark had to grow up sort of isolated and he had to keep secrets about himself and that it got lonely sometimes, BUT! Dude, you can fly. Well, he can’t fly YET (for some stupid reason), but he has that ability. He’s invincible, super strong, fast, has ice breath, and can shoot fire out of his eyes. That’s some wickedly cool stuff. Why would that not be awesome? He even seemed a little surprised that Lois was okay with him being a space alien. She compared it to dating a “god”. I’m not saying Clark should get a big head, but it’s amazing what he can do and he’s riddled with tons of insecurities, even in the 10th season. He can’t fly because he has a mental block. Just about every other kryptonian has flown effortlessly. It’s so silly. People believe in him, his friends believe in him, and Lois has her own special belief juice that can make him beat just about any odds. He still doesn’t have that full faith in himself, despite having done it before.

So this is where “No Ordinary Family” stands apart from these mopey super hero dramas. These people are excited to have super powers! Jim Powell is having the time of his life! He’s saving people and every time he finds out something new with his powers, he’s bouncing off the walls! He and his best friend George are pumped to be in their lair. Everyone in the house has a better life because of their super powers, but they also had to come to terms that they were good without them too. It’s a very light and happy show that just makes you feel good!

I enjoy demented things myself. I liked “Let Me In” and “Sweeny Todd.” I can be dark and twisted. I don’t mind depressing things sometimes, as long as the story is really good, but it’s good to see a super hero that’s not treating their calling as a burden. It’s also good to see super heroes that don’t have some kind of dark outlook on the world or some kind of tragedy driving them like Batman. That’s why you should watch “No Ordinary Family”.