Monday, February 14, 2011

Super Powers. Guess what? They're Cool!

If you don’t watch “No Ordinary Family,” you’ve absolutely got to. It’s sort of like a live action Incredibles, which is cool because I was always a little sad that Pixar never did anything else with that film.

I don’t want to spoil too much about this show, so I’ll get to the point of why I think it’s so awesome. Honestly, it’s probably the best live action super hero show that I’ve seen on TV.

“Smallville” and “Heroes” had a very common theme that I found annoying. They had whinny characters that wanted to so desperately be “normal”.

On Heroes, Claire Bennet was the one who complained about being a freak. Now the only thing wrong with her by appearance is that she’s short, at least compared to my height. She’s a beautiful girl, is not cruel to this child. Then she finds out that she can heal and suddenly she’s a freak. She continuously tries to commit suicide over and over again. If you want to be “normal” you don’t jump out of windows and cut yourself in front of your mother’s boyfriend so he watch you heal and faint. It was so emo and so unnecessary. There were other characters on the show who were radioactive and accidently killed their families or turned into bug people. Shut up, girl! You’re gonna stay young and beautiful forever? Boo hoo! I can understand being sad about having to watch your loved ones die, but you’re not even old enough to drink! What concept of time can you really have yet? It’s stupid. Absolutely ridiculous.

Then there’s Smallville. Clark Kent has had a ten year journey of “I’m a freak, I want to be normal.” He’s not as annoying as Claire. At least he actually does useful things with his abilities. I understand that Clark had to grow up sort of isolated and he had to keep secrets about himself and that it got lonely sometimes, BUT! Dude, you can fly. Well, he can’t fly YET (for some stupid reason), but he has that ability. He’s invincible, super strong, fast, has ice breath, and can shoot fire out of his eyes. That’s some wickedly cool stuff. Why would that not be awesome? He even seemed a little surprised that Lois was okay with him being a space alien. She compared it to dating a “god”. I’m not saying Clark should get a big head, but it’s amazing what he can do and he’s riddled with tons of insecurities, even in the 10th season. He can’t fly because he has a mental block. Just about every other kryptonian has flown effortlessly. It’s so silly. People believe in him, his friends believe in him, and Lois has her own special belief juice that can make him beat just about any odds. He still doesn’t have that full faith in himself, despite having done it before.

So this is where “No Ordinary Family” stands apart from these mopey super hero dramas. These people are excited to have super powers! Jim Powell is having the time of his life! He’s saving people and every time he finds out something new with his powers, he’s bouncing off the walls! He and his best friend George are pumped to be in their lair. Everyone in the house has a better life because of their super powers, but they also had to come to terms that they were good without them too. It’s a very light and happy show that just makes you feel good!

I enjoy demented things myself. I liked “Let Me In” and “Sweeny Todd.” I can be dark and twisted. I don’t mind depressing things sometimes, as long as the story is really good, but it’s good to see a super hero that’s not treating their calling as a burden. It’s also good to see super heroes that don’t have some kind of dark outlook on the world or some kind of tragedy driving them like Batman. That’s why you should watch “No Ordinary Family”.

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